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I decided to really change my overall diet, start counting calories, and join a gym. I found it was much easier to keep track using Lose it!, an app on my iPhone. I set my current weight, my goal weight and when I would like to achieve it by. Then it automatically gave me my daily calorie allowance. I log everything I eat and drink, and make sure to input all exercise too. I started going to Synergy Fitness, the closest gym to me and to my surprise, I loved it! Did I want to go every single day? No. Did I still go on days when I really didn’t want to? Yes. I knew if I didn’t get there I wouldn’t achieve my goal, and that was enough for me. I started in September of 2013 and now, May 2014, I have lost 50 pounds. I think it’s so important to allow yourself “your” days, where it’s okay to cheat. If you completely deprive yourself, you are most likely not going to follow through with your plan. So if you want to go out with your friends Saturday night to have some appetizers and drinks, do it! Just know that that’s your cheat day and tomorrow you will be back at it 100%.

Exercising is so important. Cardio, weights, Pilates… They’re all great. I did find that as a mom of two, I couldn’t always get to the gym. I just couldn’t fit it into my schedule. So I bought an Elliptical and some weights for the house, a little expensive but worth every penny! I still try and get to the gym as often as I can. If I can’t make it there, I am still able to exercise at home. I use a 30 day exercise challenge app on my phone as well. It helps me to keep focused on certain areas I want to improve more. I exercise at least 4-5 times per week for a minimum of 60 minutes whenever I can fit it in; when the kids are in school, while dinners cooking, or even after everyone is asleep.

When you put on a pair of pants that you haven’t been able to fit into in years and now they’re too big to wear… I promise, you will never feel prouder of yourself! Am I exactly the weight I want to be? Nope, not yet, but I am that much closer to getting there! I want to be healthier for myself and for my family. I would like to be a good role model for my daughters, showing them it’s not about being skinny, but about being healthy and being the best version of you. That’s what really motivated me, and continues to every day. I did this for me, but to maybe be able to inspire someone else to make that change in their life is an amazing bonus. It’s always worth a try, especially if it’s going to give you a better outlook on life!




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