What’s better than Sunday with the family? How about Sunday with THE family. A Godfather themed day is just what you need to wrap up the weekend. Let yourself and guests get carried away, hey it’s all in good fun. Here are some ideas to get you started.
For entertainment, put on The Godfather parts I, II and III and bring out the antipasto. Your guests can bring offerings, you know, outta respect.
Get that sauce going, you’ll need sausage and meatballs in there too. Here’s Clemenza’s winning recipe.

Throw some fish on the menu. It’s better to eat them, than to sleep with them.
Don’t forget the bread and wine. You can’t break it if you don’t have it.
For dessert don’t forget the cannoli , as Clemenza famously said, ”Leave the gun, take the cannoli”.

Check out this chocolate cake, it’s a beauty. I want to thank the Fiore family for sending us this great picture. What a great looking chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and jelly, courtesy of Francine Fiore. These guys do it right.



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