Vintage Americana
Americana style continues to influence and play a prominent role within fashion each season. With macro trends proving that many people are responding well to clean and classic traditionalism, we are returning to our early roots.
The term Americana is wide-ranging and its definition differs depending on who you ask. For spring and summer 2014 (SS14), designer and high street collections have made clear references to American styles in the 1940s and 1950s. From Ivy League inspired aesthetics and Hawaiian prints, to the timeless style of silver screen icons such as, Marlon Brando and James Dean.
The Americana trend combines a colorful palette and vivid patterns with a slight rebellious streak for those daring enough to embrace the look.

Runway Trends
Major design houses showcased strong Americana influences in their SS14 shows from Ivy Leaguers to greasers. A wide and varied collection has been previewed across the fashion spectrum.
Post World War II in 1945, men’s fashion started to move away from traditional monotones hues and began embracing colors and patterns in a form of rebellion after a period of austerity and rationing. Applying check and plaid motifs to classic blazers, suits, shirts, and shorts was a key trend throughout the fashion industry. Most labels went on to combine bold colored and checkered separates, creating a mish-mash effect that worked extremely well and helped bring this vintage aesthetic back to the masses.
Outerwear has long been a key component of preppy style, particularly the varsity jacket, which was a highlight of the SS14 showcase. Baseball jackets featured in various colors and fabrics including cotton, light brown leather with shapes and body cuts reminiscent of James Dean’s iconic red windbreaker in the film Rebel Without A Cause, were highlighted as well.

Modern Inspiration
The Americana influence is so wide and varied for SS14. This trend can be incorporated into any lifestyle and wardrobe. Whether you are a little more of the rock and roll rebel or into a preppy classic aesthetic, try injecting some life into your wardrobe with Hawaiian prints or add a preppy touch to your ensembles with a varsity jacket. There is something for every man this spring and summer season.


Final Word
Americana is not an original or new trend, but that doesn’t make it any less relevant in menswear this season.
What do you think of the return of a classic lifestyle trend with a modern point of view? Or, are we as consumers looking for something new and different?
Please remember, fashion is a visual tool. It can help you get your message across to the world, help you land that job you want, or help you impress that special someone.
Dress with purpose my friends.

As always, I welcome your thoughts and feedback… Until next time, thank you.



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