Cool off with Long Island’s Best Ice Cream

Cool off this summer with some creamy and delicious ice-cream. Long Island offers so many amazing spots to worthy of a visit housing some of the very best of our favorite treat. Read on...

Best Cafés on Long Island for Your Coffee Fix

Check out these Instagram worthy cafés on Long Island offering amazing options of our favorite drink. I'm looking for a tall, dark, rich cup of coffee... Sunday's at Roast Come visit baristas Stephanie & Erin ....

36 People Who Are Totally Done With Summer

I personally am not "done" with summer, but I can see why these guys are!

14 Things to Do This Summer on Long Island

We all longed for the summer during the snowy and cold winter. A lot of us reminisce on the days when summer vacation was actually that; a time for fun, relaxation and no school. Just because we...

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