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WitchEES, the moniker for WOEE fans, have been in an uproar since Lifetime Networks announced their decision to cancel the series on November 4, 2014. What!?

The series is an adaptation of the books about a family of witches written by Melissa de la Cruz. In June 2011 the first book in the Beauchamp Family series was released.

The show’s premier invited us into the enchanted, yet complicated lives of the Beauchamp women. Viewers were immediately spellbound by an elaborate love triangle and a cast of amazing, sultry and powerful women alongside deliciously dangerous and powerful men. The employ of magic and Norse mythology- think Thor meets Charmed- instantly draws you into their magical, intoxicating world.

The show takes place in Long Island, New York–the east end to be precise. The story revolves around the Matriarch, Joanna Beauchamp, her two daughters Ingrid and Freya and their aunt Wendy. Joanna is a powerful witch who has been keeping a great secret from her daughters. Not only are they witches, but they have died and have been re-born dozens of times, the price of the curse they bear.

Joanna is immortal and has been heavily burdened by her curse. She suffers greatly, repeatedly enduring the premature deaths of her daughters, only to give birth to them and start all over again. The girls never remember their past lives, so Joanna decides to keep the truth about their powers from them in hopes they live long, full lives this time around.

Joanna’s sister Wendy was cursed with nine lives and shape shifts into a black cat. We meet this naughty kitty when she turns up at Joanna’s door, after a long time of not speaking to each other, to save her family from an impending evil she has foreseen.

The show immediately unraveled with a love triangle, a murder, an arrest and the girls of course finding out they are in fact, powerful witches. Just in time to deal with an unknown deadly power who wants to see the end of the Beauchamp women.

This series has delighted viewers with many delicious plot twists. WOEE writers showcased their skills by shocking and delighting viewers every week. The show has a very sexy tone, which I warmly welcomed, and every Sunday I was left satisfied and yearning for more. Week after week I was left thinking, OMG-I can’t wait until the next episode! Truly great TV. It feels like we got the rug pulled out from under us.

I was continually charmed with the exciting story lines and was really looking forward to more. If you haven’t seen the show, just watch the pilot, you’ll see what I mean.

Watch this season 1 trailer

The writers developed the characters effectively. This was particularly noted when they let us be privy to their past lives. Who doesn’t love when shows take us back to different periods of time to show us how the characters have grown through their experiences? The show also dabbles in time travel, deadly foes from the past, star crossed lovers, a trickster and of course magic and family.

Lifetime brought us an amazing series that has left us panting for more. This show was the exact escape into a magical, sexy world viewers looked forward to on Sundays, but now we are left with some serious cliff hangers. Why, Lifetime, why?

For those who haven’t seen the episodes, serious spoilers ahead! I am pretty confident that we haven’t seen the last of the Beauchamp women; at least not if networks are interested in what the viewers want, anyway.


  • Dash is arrested for murder by the new to town and mysterious Detective  Raven Moreau. She is also suspect of stealing Archibald Browning’s spell books from Dash.
  • Ingrid finds out she is pregnant and we need to find out whether it’s her sister’s ex’s or the Mandragora’s baby.
  • Frederick is left for dead, lying in a pool of his own blood, a cryptic message beside him —DEATH TO ALL WITCHES.
  • Dash used a spell to switch souls with Killian who will now be stuck in jail paying for Dash’s crimes. I thought the near death of Killian changed Freya’s and Killian’s star crossed status, but once again they are apart unbeknownst to her.
  • Wendy gave up her last life to bring back her boyfriend who died after his soul was pushed out of his body by the King of Asgard, her dear old Dad. Her sacrifice takes her to the underworld, where she is greeted by her other sister whom we did not know existed!

Watch this season 2 trailer

Hopefully we will at least get one more season to tie up loose ends, but if not, we have some hope according to Entertainment Weekly:

Since other characters from the Witches of East End book and TV series make appearances in Triple Moon, including Freya and Killian Gardiner, de la Cruz sees a unique opportunity. “I have asked producers if there is no hope for the show, if I can weave in some of the cliffhangers from season two so I can resolve them and bring closure,” she tells EW, emailing from a plane on her way to Yallfest to promote Heart of Dread: Stolen, the sequel to Frozen, out Nov. 18. “I have an idea on how to do it, but we’ll see. It’s a legal issue so it might not be able to fly.” Click here to read entire article

Let’s hope Lifetime or another network continue this series. It’s not fair to the viewers, amazing cast, writers, producers and all who worked hard to make this come to fruition.  Bring our show back!

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