Cinemax is bringing the best of “GUY” movies in their action packed original series Banshee. I’m going to let you in on something, guys don’t want drawn out love stories and drama. Truth is,  we love to watch fights, sex and major complicated problems solved by the previous two. If you haven’t yet watched Banshee, then you are missing out. The plot is second to none; fight scenes are outstanding and entertaining; the sex is quick to the point and not drawn out by a complicated love story.

Banshee is more than just a show, it is an experience.
An ex-convict and master thief with combat abilities, assumes the identity of the town sheriff. Unfortunately for Lucas Hood played by Anthony Star, his past follows him and he is forced to rid it the only way he knows how.

Here’s a fight scene. Warning: Mature Audience, Graphic and Violent.

See what I mean?



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