Easter is almost here and we wanted to bake up something really yummy for the dessert table. I have to admit, I’m not the best in the kitchen, but I try, I really do. I like to get the kids involved, and so we searched for a recipe and found one we liked on YouTube.

We decided to try our hand at Hot Cross Buns. My daughter was away on school trip so I recruited my 13 year old niece. We found a Hot Cross Buns recipe that also utilized chocolate, which is our weakness, and so we got started.


Well, when we initially realized we didn’t have fresh yeast as the recipe called for, we looked up to see how much dry yeast was equivalent to their fresh yeast and found that one package of dry yeast should suffice. It definitely activated and got all bubbly and grew so that was a good sign. Unfortunately, our dough did not rise according to the recipe. It happened to be chilly outside and maybe the house was not warm enough, I’m not really sure.

Long story short, the Hot Cross Buns weren’t as light and fluffy as pictured on the original recipe. They were definitely more dense, probably due to the fact that our dough did not rise as expected, but they didn’t taste bad! They were sweet, but not too sweet and the chocolate was a nice addition to the raisins.  I gave some to my mom who said they were yummy, but her granddaughter made them so it’s hard to say.

Overall the recipe did take time as there were many instances of letting the dough rise, (about 2 hours overall) but it’s definitely worth a try. My niece Alyssa definitely did a great job and here’s our EXPECTATION VS. REALITY video.

Recipe adapted from here.


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