Time and again we look at ourselves in the mirror and are not happy with the person staring back at us. We say things to our reflection that gives us a false sense of who we are, and who we would like to be. Oftentimes our self-talk is negative, and even when we speak positively, it’s because there is a motivation to “get better” at something. The idea that we weren’t meant to be perfect – that we are only human — has not only made society harder on us to become perfect, but has also given us the excuse not to be. It’s a horrible double edge sword and a fight that we all battle daily.

mirror-reflectionThere are so many reasons why we are unhappy. We receive mixed messages on a daily basis about our health and how we should treat our bodies. Society is so extreme when it comes to the ideal body image. Supermodels making millions off their pretty, petite bodies have caused eating disorders and self-destructive behaviors in women and young girls who feel less than adequate about themselves. On the flip side, an increase of plus-size models has also had an impact on society, creating the excuse that it’s fine to be overweight. Athletes are paid a great deal of money to show off their “natural” talent for sports as entertainment, sending many people looking for unnatural ways to climb to the top.

Nutritionists, doctors, dietitians, coaches, personal trainers … The list can go on and on, have declared they have the best remedies, the healthiest diets, the answers to weight loss, the key to muscle tone and definition, all to which many times contradict each other. Eat Paleo. Eat Vegan. Eat Lean meats. Eat fish. Don’t eat the fish! It’s all so confusing!
No wonder why when we look at our reflection we aren’t happy!![adrotate banner=”1″]

IT’S NOT OUR FAULT! We have been conditioned to listen. This month I challenge you stop talking to your reflection and start listening to it!

You already have all the information and knowledge you need to get yourself on the healthiest path. You know what you need to eat, you know you should exercise, you know you need to sleep, you know…. And if you don’t know, you know where to go for the information.

Stop telling yourself that you aren’t good enough, and then indulge in destructive behavior. Stop telling yourself that you are overweight, and then dive into the first piece of chocolate cake. Stop telling yourself that you need to work out and then make up every excuse that you can’t make it or that you are too tired. Stop talking to yourself, and start listening to your reflection. The person in the mirror has a lot to say to you, and it’s more important to your health than you could ever imagine!project-you


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