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Digital use has only been increasing. Here at LI Finds, we are IMMERSED in the digital world. Advertising on LI Finds is the easiest way to reach the people the matter most to your business, your target audience.

We focus on reaching the Long Island population through our own social media marketing strategies so you know your money is going where it counts. Where else can you reach your target audience on a budget starting as low as $1 a day with our rotating ads! This allows for valuable ad placement with a reasonable budget.Shine bright

Advertisers want, need, and should place their advertising budgets on growing and applicable audiences in order for their spending to be effective. As a small business, we understand that the money we allocate to advertising needs to reach pertinent and select audiences in order to achieve higher ROI.

Shine in the virtual realm and get started now! Not only do we offer this targeted advertising, but you can also enter your business and have your own business listing which includes images, google map, reviews, video, all your social media accounts, and is even integrated with OpenTable to allow restaurants to take reservations! It’s virtually your own page on our site! GET FOUND WHERE IT MATTERS!

The best part? Your business listing is FREE.


Your business listing is more than a listing. It’s your own webpage on our directory! Your page will allow your business shine to our LONG ISLAND audience.

Business Details (description, hours, etc.), Photo Gallery, Add your Video, Customer Reviews, and Connect your Social Accounts

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WHAT IS A ROTATING AD?Ad rotation is the practice of showing multiple advertisements in a single location on a web page. Ads may be rotated with each new page load, within a single page load, or both. Because the ads are placed in the same location, they are typically the same format.The goals of ad rotation include:

  • Allow publishing sites to serve ads for multiple advertisers.
  • Keep advertising “fresh”. If the ad never changes, users are more likely to ignore it.
  • For content-rich sites, increase exposure to advertising by showing multiple ads per page load instead of just one.


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If you would like a custom package to include video, please email us or call 516-778-6594.



If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, then a video is a goldmine for your business marketing. LI Finds offers multimedia packages that include video to be displayed on your business listing, LI Finds YouTube channel, our social media pages and in conjunction with an LI FINDS exclusive article. This and more custom tailored marketing techniques are available to showcase your business on the best place to find it in Long Island!

For more information email us or call 516-778-6594.