I’ve been motivated to find out who offers the best pizza in Long Island.  The problem that New Yorkers have with rating pizza is that there are too many different types of pizza.  While one place may have the best Sicilian or grandma slice, their regular slice may be only alright-at best.

To be fair, I think all Long Islanders should know who makes Long Island’s best REGULAR slice of pizza. I know, I know it’s a hard job, but hey-I’m up for it!

Let’s find out who makes LI’s top pizza in all categories. First, we’ll start with the REGULAR slice. We want to hear from you.

Below is a poll for you to fill in the name of the place you think has the best regular pizza.  Please DO NOT fill in who you think has the best Sicilian or grandma slice.  For right now I want to know who you think has the best REGULAR slice in Long Island.  Don’t go typing in New Park, because the boroughs don’t count.

I entered my top two choices, if you agree you can vote for them or please enter your own choice. Along the way we will visit your choices. Along with LI Foodie Erminio, I will make sure we try as many as we can.

We will have another poll for the best Sicilian and other styles in the future.

We will count out the votes and figure out who comes up on top!

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Thanks for your participation! (Add your comments below!)

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