The Big Debate: Coaching vs. Therapy

With all the scientific research, social sciences have jumped on the band wagon for answers many people wonder about … people.  Since the dawn of man, there has been … man! You’d think this would be common sense, or at least common knowledge.  Man has conquered lands, overthrown kings, dug deep into our earth to reveal lost species and lost worlds.  Man has dove down to the dark depths of our oceans, and have propelled ourselves further than imaginable out into the universe.  With all of man’s accomplishments, the one thing us mere humans have not figured out is … us.

Philosophers have become the founding fathers for the seven schools of thought and theory in psychology.  Socialist, politicians and humanitarians have formed the inside works for sociology and social research.  These two groups have formed an alliance for the social science field creating psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, counselors, mental health clinicians and clinical social workers.  They dig deep into the mind and psyche of an individual.  Therapy goes far into a person’s past and looks inside to discover the reason why this individual does the things he does.  Clinical therapy then determines if this is a mental illness caused by biological, society, psychological or emotional factors.   They break down the meaning of an illness and create a diagnosis based on clinical studies and research. Therapists give reason and at times medication when necessary, although not all therapists can legally do so.

While this may be crucial for some, not everyone needs such deep emotional cleansing, nor do they want the stigma of a diagnosis attached to them.

Let’s face it, we all have, or at least know someone who has issues. These issues can be temporary or long lasting. However, they still exist.

Life coaching is not a new field, and has been in existence for just about the same amount of time as therapy, although it has not been named until the recent explosion in the field.  Most therapists use life coaching tactics in their practice.

Life coaches must go through a series of high impact and intense courses about the society and biological impact put upon a person and are taught ways to partner with that person to help move them forward.  You do not need to be licensed, like a therapist, but you do need to be certified to legally serve people.

There are many types of life coaches ranging from family coaches such as Jo Frost the Supernanny, health and wellness coaches like Jillian Michaels and business coaches such as Zig Ziglar and Stephen Covey.

Life coaches are here to partner with man and help them get rid of limiting beliefs; teach them that due to certain issues from the past, they are who they have become.  Life coaches break down these barriers and give their clients the tools and techniques that are required to live a life that is more valuable than what they are living now.  Having a life coach is like having your own personal cheerleader; an experienced guide walking you through your every move in life free of judgment and diagnosis.  Life coaches give understanding and motivation.

It boils down to a larger personal preference of who you would like by your side during your time of need; Dr. Phil or Tony Robbins?  I quote Dr. Phil; “How’s that working out for you?” Tony Robbins; “Are you done trying so you can start doing?”

California has been the leader in coaching and coaches in all faucets alike.  New York comes in number two, specifically with Long Islanders hiring a slew of coaches for their business needs, personal resolutions, family services and goal setting.

What do you desire from life?  Where can you improve?  How can you transform?


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Januarie Scorsese-Vazquez
Januarie Scorsese-Vazquez, a Certified Life Coach, is a native New Yorker living on Long Island for over twenty seven years. Januarie is a wife, mother of two, author, avid blogger and motivational speaker. She enjoys partnering with people to guide them to a balanced, happy, passionate and more fulfilled life.

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