Like most epic journeys, Daniel DeMatteo’s path toward prominence as a menswear designer started quietly and is only visible in retrospect. Dan’s innate creativity and compelling individualism were overshadowed by hard times that lasted through his adolescence. He lost sight of his destino vero — or true destiny — as he struggled through school, family upheaval and financial challenges.

Then while going about his daily life in New York City, he happened to walk by the Fashion Institute of Technology. Watching the students, he caught a glimpse of the destiny before him if he woke up and embraced his greatest skills. After creating a design portfolio in one night, FIT found his work so compelling they immediately offered him a space in their Menswear Design program.

The American Dream was in sight — and Dan put his blood, sweat and tears into making it a reality. On fire with passion for his real purpose, Dan worked round the clock to excel in his chosen field. Despite no previous apparel experience, he quickly moved to the top of his class and was hired by Nicole Miller while still attending the Fashion Institute of Technology.
For over 15 years, Dan made his way through every corner of the fashion industry — and the globe. He conquered design, merchandising, sourcing and beyond for marquee brands and boutiques alike, while learning from their successes and failures. Then after years of incubation, Dan launched his own clothing company, Destino Vero, in 2012.

Inspired by the artisans and craftsmen who built this country, Destino Vero presents a modernized interpretation of the industrial revolution. With a retro-influenced, artisanal soul, their clothing reflects a time when people took true pride in their work. By embodying the irrepressible optimism, unflinching work ethic and rugged individualism that make America the greatest place in the world to pursue your true destiny, Destino Vero challenges consumers to look beyond nostalgia and see today’s opportunity.

Dan is guided by the belief that “hard times made us” and is driven to remind men that their destinies are in reach if they have the grit and passion to pursue their purpose. For Dan — and his brand — true success is not simply measured by units sold or industry hype, but by helping to guide a renewed belief in the American Dream.

Daniel Dematteo is the President and Creative Director of Destino Vero.

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“Our dreams and true destinies are in reach when we have the courage to embrace them.”-D.D.destino-vero-


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