LI Foodie’s Top 3 of the Week

I recommend Rita’s Ices on Hempstead Turnpike in Franklin Square. I tried three flavors including the Swedish fish, cotton candy, and vanilla custard. This was a refreshingly sweet and delicious dessert! It definitely hit...

American Style for the Modern Man

Vintage Americana Americana style continues to influence and play a prominent role within fashion each season. With macro trends proving that many people are responding well to clean and classic traditionalism, we are returning to...

The True Destiny of a Long Island Fashion Designer

Like most epic journeys, Daniel DeMatteo’s path toward prominence as a menswear designer started quietly and is only visible in retrospect. Dan’s innate creativity and compelling individualism were overshadowed by hard times that lasted...

Easter Bread Recipe To Make with the Kids

Kids love to partake in the holidays, and Easter is a perfect time to bake bread. Here’s a yummy sweet bread recipe you can try with your kids. This is a great way of helping them measure, follow directions...

Top 5 Burgers In Nassau County

I went ahead and took the hit for you guys by eating at multiple different burger joints so that you can try the very best. That's right, I'm bringing the beef. Who can honestly...

A Party You Can’t Refuse

What’s better than Sunday with the family? How about Sunday with THE family. A Godfather themed day is just what you need to wrap up the weekend. Let yourself and guests get carried away,...

Why EVERY Guy Should Watch Banshee

Cinemax is bringing the best of “GUY” movies in their action packed original series Banshee. I'm going to let you in on something, guys don’t want drawn out love stories and drama. Truth is,...

Best Ever Apple Walnut Cake

Drum roll please.... Here it is, the best APPLE CAKE recipe EVER! This cake is sooo yummy and perfect for any occasion! It's definitely worth the effort and a real crowd-pleaser. Preheat the oven to...

Spring Cleaning, Get Started Today!

Ahhh spring, the season of renewal. Goodbye Father Winter, it’s time for a fresh start. Get out your duster and put away all the winter clutter. Let’s open the windows and let in some...
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