18 Ideas For a Spooktacular Halloween Party

Halloween is almost here so get ready to plan the best party ever! Here are some great ideas to set your party above the rest. Between the horrifying decor and these monstrously delicious snacks, your party is sure...

Spring Cleaning, Get Started Today!

Ahhh spring, the season of renewal. Goodbye Father Winter, it’s time for a fresh start. Get out your duster and put away all the winter clutter. Let’s open the windows and let in some...

36 People Who Are Totally Done With Summer

I personally am not "done" with summer, but I can see why these guys are!

Seven Tips to Hosting a Memorable Thanksgiving Dinner

Turkey day is just around the corner, and it’s your turn to host. Don’t sweat it. Check out these seven tips to hosting a memorable Thanksgiving dinner! 1 First things first, get an accurate count...

Cut Your Own Christmas Tree on Long Island

Get the family together and away from their devices and head outdoors to cut your own Christmas tree in Long Island! Not only do they exude an amazing natural scent to compliment the season,...

14 Things to Do This Summer on Long Island

We all longed for the summer during the snowy and cold winter. A lot of us reminisce on the days when summer vacation was actually that; a time for fun, relaxation and no school. Just because we...

Bet You Didn’t Know the Real History of Thanksgiving

The Thanksgiving Day holiday is rooted in English tradition and known as a day of giving thanks for the blessings of a bountiful harvest. Thanksgiving was not celebrated the way it is today. The dishes we consider...

Christmas Tabletop Décor Inspiration

The Christmas table sets the stage and mood for the holiday gathering.  Creating a beautiful, warm atmosphere with the use of décor is a fun venture you can do together as a family. Incorporate...

18 Ways Christmas Is Different When You’re a Kid vs. an Adult

 Christmas looks a little different from up here.
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